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  • Explaining Startup Terms (Part 1 – Investing)

    The terms for businesses in startups can be confusing for those who have no knowledge of this field, but in essence, they are very simple. Therefore, I created this series of articles with the desire to help you better understand the terms commonly used with startups, from investment, finance, marketing, corporate governance, etc. At the …

  • Former President Donald Trump opens a new social network GETTR

    Former US President Donald Trump’s staff on July 1 quietly released a new social networking platform called GETTR and he considers it an alternative to current social networking sites. According to Politico, the launch immediately caused confusion as to whether it was Donald Trump’s response to a social media “paradise” for his supporters or just …

  • How do the rich evade taxes?

    Just last week, there was news that the FBI and the US tax agency were investigating the billionaire tax evasion case. This is not the first time because every few years a few tax lawsuits related to the tax of the super rich are leaked. The forms of tax evasion are increasingly diverse, and the …

  • ETF Fund Explained: Definition & Overview 2022

    Choosing a few stocks to invest in is a very headache job, when on the stock market, there are currently more than 45.000 stocks. And if you have the same question, then Certificate of Fund (CCQ) ETF is the answer.

  • Nike, Adidas and the fierce competition outside the EURO football field

    EURO 2020 is taking place excitingly as the national team competes to choose a single king of European football. However, off the field, there is also a very fierce battle between sponsors, to determine which brand is the most popular, especially between Nike and Adidas. EURO 2020 also witnessed that competition, specifically how? The dominance …

  • 5 Ways On How To Invest 20k For Growth And Security

    The internet is flooded with results on how to invest 20k because people seek answers for such a crucial answer online. If you are someone who is yet to start an investment, this post will guide you thoroughly.